Cow, Cow, Cow, Cow, Cow, Cow

Recently, I enjoyed joining our Junior School students during their French Day (pictured above) and was impressed to hear even some of the youngest speaking French publically and with confidence.  In the Senior School, I have heard great progress made in French, German, Spanish and Latin.  Last week I looked in on the after-school Greek… Read full article

Safety First

A recent visitor to the school may have been alarmed to see a crashed car, four of our senior students covered in blood and a fire engine rapidly approaching.  Fortunately, what looked to be a very real accident had been set up in order to educate our senior students about road safety.  I watched as… Read full article

Value for Money

Having previously been Head of a state school and an independent school, I am aware that fee paying schools need to justify why parents should invest considerable sums for an education that may not look so different from the outside.  There are many state schools with dedicated staff and great facilities, so it may not… Read full article

Self Discipline

It is always good to see our senior students involved in activities with the Combined Cadet Force (pictured).  We are lucky to have dedicated staff with passion and experience to share, encouraging our young people in areas such as self-discipline, leadership, teamwork, responsibility and a spirit of adventure.  The majority of our students opt to… Read full article

My Head Hurts

For some reason when Americans say math, it annoys the English who say maths.  Others insist on mathematics.  I used to think I was quite good at it; I did maths A level and, from what I recall, there were more statistics in my geography degree than I would have liked.  However, I have noticed… Read full article

Lessons from the Past

AKS holds archive material from Arnold, King Edward and Queen Mary schools.  We have a wonderful team of volunteer archivists who are looking through a treasure trove of historical documents.  I recently joined 6th form students in an opportunity to look through much of this material.  As a result, I have in my hand a… Read full article