My Head Hurts

For some reason when Americans say math, it annoys the English who say maths.  Others insist on mathematics.  I used to think I was quite good at it; I did maths A level and, from what I recall, there were more statistics in my geography degree than I would have liked.  However, I have noticed… Read full article

Lessons from the Past

AKS holds archive material from Arnold, King Edward and Queen Mary schools.  We have a wonderful team of volunteer archivists who are looking through a treasure trove of historical documents.  I recently joined 6th form students in an opportunity to look through much of this material.  As a result, I have in my hand a… Read full article

All-through School

I remember the anxiety of moving from my primary to a big secondary school on the other side of town, many years ago.  There were lots of new people to meet, new systems to learn and teachers who looked scary without even trying.  There were also students from other schools, all feeling very small as… Read full article

I have a dream ..

When I first set foot on the grounds of AKS, I was immediately taken with the pavilion overlooking the sports pitches.  A beautiful small building with goodness knows what stories in its history.  Although mid-winter, I could imagine the sounds of sportsmanship, friendly rivalry and cups of tea.  Sadly, when I eventually took a closer… Read full article


It is now over a week since the final curtain fell on our school musical production of Sweeney Todd.  I just can’t get those songs out of my head.  Day and night I find myself humming, even singing under my breath, the catchy numbers that were so expertly delivered by our students over 4 performances. … Read full article

Bottom of the Table?

Being so close to Blackpool, there are some who may be a little sensitive about the title above!  However, I am not referring here to football but to the recent GCSE tables published by the Government. Last week, it was interesting to see many top private schools towards the bottom of the Government rankings for… Read full article