I have a dream ..

When I first set foot on the grounds of AKS, I was immediately taken with the pavilion overlooking the sports pitches.  A beautiful small building with goodness knows what stories in its history.  Although mid-winter, I could imagine the sounds of sportsmanship, friendly rivalry and cups of tea.  Sadly, when I eventually took a closer… Read full article


It is now over a week since the final curtain fell on our school musical production of Sweeney Todd.  I just can’t get those songs out of my head.  Day and night I find myself humming, even singing under my breath, the catchy numbers that were so expertly delivered by our students over 4 performances. … Read full article

Bottom of the Table?

Being so close to Blackpool, there are some who may be a little sensitive about the title above!  However, I am not referring here to football but to the recent GCSE tables published by the Government. Last week, it was interesting to see many top private schools towards the bottom of the Government rankings for… Read full article

From Acorns to Oaks

(photograph courtesy of Chaunceys Timber) This morning we enjoyed welcoming alumni from Arnold, King Edward and Queen Mary schools to tour our campus.  The Old Arnoldians and Old Lidunians are coming together under the umbrella of the ‘OAKS’ (Old AKS).  So in a way, every student leaving our school becomes an OAK. This image of… Read full article

Location, Location, Location

(Aerial photography courtesy of Ian Haynes, copyright www.iphotix.co.uk) It is human nature that we take many things for granted.  Now that I am back in the UK, I realise that I did not always appreciate the clear blue skies and palm trees that were part of my daily walk to the office.  Now, as I… Read full article

Dramatic Events

The trouble with great success is that expectations rise for even greater success in the future.  This is clearly true for AKS musical productions.  Two years ago, ‘Evita’ was awarded the Best Youth Production and also the Best Overall Production of 2012 in the North West region.  Last year’s production of ‘Into the Woods’ has… Read full article