University Choices

When I talk to our current 6th Form students, I am always interested to hear of their ambitions beyond school.  Frequently, this leads to discussions about university, a big choice for any young person.  There can be many factors that affect what and where they wish to study.  35 years ago, as an eager Geographer,… Read full article

AKS Open Afternoon

My first Open Afternoon at AKS was a great deal more fun than I had expected.  We had a large number of visitors; indeed the Senior School hall was packed for the Headmaster’s address.  Needless to say, the best parts of that address were delivered by students.  Firstly, two Year 7s, describing their recent experiences… Read full article

Senior Prize Giving

“What can you sleep on, wear on your foot and brush your teeth with?” Last week’s Senior Prize Giving was a great opportunity to recognise the gifted and talented students of AKS and celebrate their achievements during the last academic year.  I say ‘gifted and talented’ but, as I observed on the evening, it is… Read full article

Manners Maketh Man

I remember as a child, my late mother doing her best to ensure I had good table manners.  ‘Don’t lick your knife’, ‘ask before you leave the table’ and above all ‘never talk with your mouth full’.  As I eat lunches with students in both the senior and junior (pictured) schools, I am delighted to… Read full article

Family School

Many organisations refer to themselves using words such as family.  This word conjures up images of a large group of people working together in a way that promotes our traditional image of family values; these would include care for each individual, open and honest (sometimes challenging) communication, high expectations, strong support and a sense of… Read full article

Deep Roots

One of the great strengths of AKS is the deep roots it has in the history and traditions of the schools that have come together to give it its unique identity. In the last two weeks, I have been honoured to attend the Old Lidunians’ dinner and the Old Arnoldians’ dinner.  These alumni groups are… Read full article