Down to Business

Last term four Year 12 teams entered the Tycoons for Schools national competition. They had to apply for funding, set up and run businesses, then present accounts and results. Two teams were judged as being in the top 10 across the whole country. Our boys made it to the finals and so went down to Buckingham Palace to present in front of HRH The Duke of York and the ‘Dragon’ himself, Peter Jones. They came back as runners up. Both the boys and girls were commended not only for their ambition and hard work but also their team spirit, vital for any

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My best day at school

A student recently asked me what my own best day at school was. As a teacher and as a head teacher I have had so many great days, it would be very difficult to pick one. However, the intention of the question was to identify my best day as a student. Well, that was a very long time ago, frankly I find it hard to remember. Rare school trips might feature, especially one to North Wales where I felt particularly challenged. Good results or prizes were nice when they happened, as were the very few occasions I was picked for

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An Inspector Calls

HM Blog 220316 An Inspector Calls (Large)

I was freezing, I don’t think I’d ever been anywhere so cold. It was February 2014, I had been asked to inspect the English School of Ulaanbator, Mongolia. As a geographer I should have known that it is the coldest capital city in the world. I walked round the school site over the 3 days, cursing the limitations of my wardrobe. A few months later I led inspection of The Green School, Bali, altogether happier weather conditions for someone based in Thailand. But the differences in climate were nothing compared to the differences in curriculum, assessment and pedagogy. Both great

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It is now two weeks since our school musical Bugsy Malone, which played to 5 full houses at Lowther Pavilion in Lytham. It followed straight after the news that Sweeney Todd, our 2015 production, had received 4 awards from NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) including best Youth Production of that year for our region of the North-West. Bugsy had a hard act to follow, but it did not disappoint. It has already been acclaimed in all aspects of the production, see the NODA review here. The acting, singing, dancing and music took our breath away, but what made it

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0% and Aiming High

  Our Year 11 students will return from half-term this month to sit their mock GCSE exams. In a school of academic ambition, they will be hoping to achieve the best results possible. On the face of it, they will not have to work very hard to beat the 0% we scored in the recent Department for Education league tables for the percentage of students achieving 5 A* to C grades, including English and Maths. Was our last Year 11 cohort as bad as that? 0% is a strange statistic since our actual results showed we had a 100% pass

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Revenge Feature photo (Large)

They say revenge is sweet, a dish best served cold.  I was out for revenge against Taran in Year 8.  Anyone who read my blog from 1st December will know that he had the temerity to beat me at chess, yes, in public, an upstart 12 year old embarrassing the Headmaster.  As I had unwittingly taken on a future chess champion, a re-match would be risky.  Any further throwing down of the gauntlet needed to be in a sport where his tactical board skills would not count.  I hatched on the idea of table tennis.  I imagined launching one of

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